Online Classes

Learn about Indigenous cooking, food ways and politics, while expanding your culinary skills with your team, students, group of friends, or family.

Minimum of 5 participants for all classes.


Anakhanaow  “Bannock” & Jam
$50 / person +GST

This is a 1h+ cooking class where you learn how to prepare two types of bannock and fresh jam – a staple in many Indigenous kitchens and families. While teaching how to make bannock, frybread and berry jam from scratch, chef Scott Iserhoff shares stories, Indigenous food knowledge and politics.

Vegan friendly

Nohtawey’s Potato Pancakes & Meenishapiy
$40 / person + GST

This is an approximately 1h cooking class, where you learn how to make potato pancakes and a fermented berry drink that has numerous health benefits (non alcoholic). This class is about sustainability, Indigenous ingredients and their history. It is a great class for people who are beginner cooks and are looking to learn more about having less waste in their kitchens.

Vegan Friendly

Indigenous Tacos Class: Chicken & Mushroom
$70 / person + GST

This is an approximately 1.5h cooking class where you learn how to make Indigenous tacos with delicious marinated Chicken and/or Mushrooms on Frybread. In this class chef Scott Iserhoff talks about Powwow history, culture & food.

Vegan Friendly

Honoring the Whole Animal – Sisip (Duck)
$120 / person + GST

This is an extensive 2h+ cooking class where you learn how to utilize the entire animal. While teaching how to prepare at least 5 dishes from scratch with respect to all parts of the duck, chef Scott Iserhoff shares advanced kitchen skills, stories and Indigenous food knowledge. After taking this class, you will be able to sustainably feed a small group of people.

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